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Croom Horse


In addition to being a very experienced trail rider, John creates functional, useful art made of new and used horseshoes. Many pieces of Ridin’ John’s Horseshoe Art can be found throughout Spotted Dance Ranch, specifically in the Cowboy Cottage and the barns. Just a few examples of his creative indoor and outdoor pieces are shown and priced below; many other types of pieces are available. Ridin’ John can customize any of his standard pieces to fit your needs and/or create new customized pieces.  Please talk to Ridin' John if you have questions about his Horseshoe Art, are interested in purchasing any of the pieces shown below, and/or want to obtain prices for customized pieces.

Hose Rack: $60 

Tack/Bridle/Coat/Hat Rack: $60 (for this particular size)

Clock: $20

Napkin Holder: $20

Paper Towel Holder: $50

Coffee Mug Holder: $40

Wine Bottle Holder: $20